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Nagaland Tourism


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Nagaland Tourism

Nagaland, one of the seven sister states of Northeast India, is located in the northeastern end of India. Nagaland is famous for its exquisitely picturesque landscape, the vibrantly colorful sunrise and sunset and lush and verdant flora. The best time to visit this beautiful part of India is between October and May.

About Nagaland

Nagaland is home to 16 different kinds of tribes, known for their distinct and fascinating culture and tradition. The traditional ceremonial attire of each tribe is in itself an awe inspiring sight to see. Nagas by nature are lovers of fun and frolic and are hospitable towards the visitors.

Nagaland Tourism

Places like Kohima, Dimapur, Phek, Wokha and Mokokchung are very famous in Nagaland as tourist hotspots. Nagaland is a land full of flora and fauna. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary and Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary are the finest examples of wildlife in Nagaland. They are very rich in flora and fauna. There are also mountains and valleys in Nagaland that facilitate trekking, rock climbing, camping and mountaineering. The Nagaland state museum, Sales emporium, Zoological park, Khonoma, Dzukou valley, Japfu peak, Shilloy lake, Satoi range and the many others in Nagaland provide the tourists with wonderful opportunities to appreciate the beauty of the state. The villages in Nagaland are particularly famous for the beautiful landscapes and for the splendid people.

Let's have a look at this video to unravel the mysteries of the beautiful state of Nagaland!

Top Destinations in Nagaland


Nagaland Tourism

Meluri is a small town in the district Phek of Nagaland. The town has a good number of markets and hence a lot of Myanmarese Nagas can be seen coming to the town for buying the basic necessities. The place is however famous for selling brine salt and lavishly designed furniture made of cane which is supplied from Renguri Village. The Pochuries are known for their hunting skills who reside in this part of Nagaland. One can also see a lot of rock formations in the area which dates back to thousands of year old.


Top destinations in Nagaland

Another town in Nagaland is Zunheboto, which can be called the land of the Sumi Nagas. All Nagas being very colorful in terms of their attire and attitude, the Sumi Nagas are one of those who are more known for their folklore and great music. The primary places to visit in Zunheboto are Fakim Wildlfie sanctuary, Satoi Range and Ghosu Bird sanctuary. The place is filled with the wildlife sanctuaries wherein one can find some of the most colorful and unique animals. Rivers that pass through Zunheboto are Tizu, Doyang and the Tsutha.


Top places in Nagaland

Wokha is the land of the Lotha Nagas which is filled with beautiful landscapes and rivers. The highest peak in this range is the Wokha mountain on top of which is located the Wokha town. The tourist spots worth visiting in Wokha are the Mount Tiyi, Totsu cliff. River Doyang flows through the Wokha district. The place is filled with vibrant views for all around one can see beautiful flowers and orchards.


Places in Nagaland

Phek is home to the Pochuries and the Chakhesang. The tourist spots here in Phek are Pfutsero Town and Glory peak. The Glory peak is at a height of 2600 meters and it gives a great view of the Mt. Everest. Khezhakeno, the legendary village is located in Phek which is filled with the essence of the ancient Nagas. It has been recognized as a place to conserve the rural tourism of Nagaland.


The Kuki and the Zeliangrong tribes have their home in Peren. Peren is another of the naturally beautiful places in Nagaland. A beautiful village in Peren, Benreu is a wonderful tourist spot which is one of the rare villages that wonderfully preserves the ethnicity of a place. The village is surrounded by wildlife all around it and people can relax comfortably in the midst of this animist village. The place is also known for its delicious cuisine Kennie Nku which is a form of local bread made from sticky rice and prepared over a heated stone kiln. While visiting Peren one must never miss tasting this yummy dish. Another village here in Peren is Mt. Pauna Tourist village which is an extension of the Benreu Village.


Tourist places in Nagaland

The Konyak Nagas reside in the Mon part of Nagaland. The Konyak tribe is a very interesting one for they believe that they are the descendents of Noah himself and hence their names are very biblical like Mosa, kaisa Aron, etc. Tourist places to visit in Mon include Longwa Village, Shangnyu Village and Veda peak. Veda Peak is the highest in Mon and from the top of the peak both Chindwin and Brahmaputra rivers can be seen belonging to Myanmar and Assam respectively.


Nagaland Tourism

The land of the Ao tribes, the people here are so warm that one can easily feel the humbleness and simplicity on meeting them. Longkhum is a place in Mokokchung which is beautifully filled with rhododendrons. Another village in Mokokchung is Ungma which is considered the oldest of Ao villages and also the second largest village in Nagaland. Chuchuyimlang is another village which is called the village of festivals for the Moatsu festival is celebrated with great pomp and laughter in this village itself.


Some of the important villages in Tuensang are Changsangmonko and Chilise. Chilise is considered to be a village wherein has taken part the last headhunting in the year 1978. Living stones are also a strong tourism factor of the place with relics of Tsongliyanti/ Chungliyanti civilizations being found here. Tsadand is another village of Tuensang wherein can be seen two legendary stones.


Places in Nagaland

The capital town of Nagaland, Kohima lies in the Kohima district of Nagaland. Due to its administrative nature, Kohima is home to all the Nagas. Kohima town has a lot to look out for by the tourists. It has the Kohima war cemetery built in the loving memory of those who lost in the battle of Kohima. There is the Dzukou Valley which can be called heaven on earth due to its breath taking scenic beauty and nature. A few villages here in Kohima has been widely recognized due to its proper maintenance and promotion as well. There is the Khonoma village and the Tuophema tourist village. Dzuleke, Tseminyu and Japfu peak are others in Kohima which are worth visiting.



The unique location of Dimapur makes it extra special. In the whole of Nagaland, Dimapur is the only town where communication is excellent in terms of transport. Tourist spots in Dimapur are the ruins of the Kachari Kingdom, Science Park, Green Park, Zoological Park, Diezephe Craft Village and Rangapahar Reserve forest.


A place filled with tourist attractions, Kiphire is another place in Nagaland apart from Dimapur and Kohima which gets importance and attention due to its scenic indulgence apart from its strong history. Saramati Peak, unexplored caves, Lover’s Paradise, Wawade Waterfall, Fakim wildlide sanctuary are only a few of the numerous tourist spots found here in Kiphire.

Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

Dzukou Valley

Beautiful attractions of Nagaland

Grabbing a lot of tourist attention in recent times, Dzukou Valley is a paradise one would never want to miss. At an altitude of around 2438.4 meters the valley is filled with vibrant colour flowers that not only is a treat for the eyes but even for the mind, body and soul. The valley is the perfect spot to have the best trekking experience.

Khonoma Green Village

Nagaland Tourism

Just 20 kms away from the Dzukou Valley is the Khonoma Green village which is known for its strong defence against the British during the colonial period. The people here have successfully kept its ethnicity alive by maintaining the culture and traditions. Flora and fauna of varied species can be found here. Being an almost virgin territory the place has a lot to be explored. Located 20 kms. west of Kohima, the Khonoma Village is a village which has been beautifully kept for tourists to have the best experience. It is a village in Nagaland famous for courage and valor. Today a lot of stories about the Khonoma village can be heard.

For accommodation in Khonoma village contact, Khonoma Green Village (+91 370 2270072/2270107)

Tuophema Tourist Village

The Tuophema Tourist Village is also located in the district of Kohima. Visitors on coming to his place are mesmerized by its hygienic and modern accommodation facilities yet keeping intact its ethnicity. Ranging from local food to local places, everything is worth exploring. The Naga food and the local rice beer served to people here have a taste of its own worth relishing.

For accommodation, contact Tuophe Phezou Resort (+91 9436001090) and Touphema Tourist Village (+91 9436832075)

Medieval Ruins of Kachari Kingdom

Before the 13th century AD, the Kachari tribe ruled in Dimapur which was the ancient capital of Nagaland. The ruins of the kingdom can still be found in Dimapur which thus forms a cultural heritage site in the state. Ruins of temples, embankments and baths can be found here which clearly concludes that there was probably a touch of Hinduism to the culture here though it was non–Aryan.

Attractions in Nagaland

Diezephe Craft Village:

Known for the presence of the best weavers and craftsmen here, the village is famous for the different types of art forms found here such as bamboo and cane works, woodcarving and weaving amongst others. The Nagaland handloom and handicrafts industry has taken a huge step in order to make this village a significant property of the state.

Japfu Peak

Japfu peak

The most special story about the Japfu Peak is that it has the tallest rhododendron in the world which measures to around 108 feet. The rhododendron has found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is only 15 kms away from Kohima and also offers a scenic trek path for adventurers.

Kohima War Cemetery

The Kohima war cemetery is a dedication to the 10,000 soldiers who had lost their lives during the Japanese invasion in India during the World War II. It was a battle that had lasted for three long months killing and injuring a lot of brave hearts. The site is maintained by the Common wealth War graves commission and hence it is being wonderfully kept and managed at the slopes of the Garrison hill.

Lakes and Parks in Nagaland

Lakes and parks comprise of a very important part of a place’s beauty. Nagaland too has lakes and parks where people can go and relax and have some good time with their friends and families.

Shilloi Lake

Lakes in Nagaland

The uniqueness of this lake is that it is shaped like a footprint. The lake has been the centre of many superstitious beliefs and taboos and considered untouchable though now that has seemed to decrease intensely. Located at a distance of around 300 kms away from Kohima, the lake is used by the locals for angling.

Dzudu Lake

Not only the Shilloi Lake, but there is also Dzudu lake which is treated as a voodoo element and highly avoided by the humans. Such is the intensity of the beliefs that people are even scared to throw garbage into the lake. However, the lake is a thing of beauty because of the Zanibu peak that lay next to it and the peak offers a majestic view of the Mount Everest and whole of Nagaland.

Villages in Kohima

Kohima in Nagaland has large number of villages. The Bara basti at Kohima is also called Kohima village. It is one of the largest and populous villages in Asia. The important villages in Kohima are Kisama heritage village, Touphema Tourist Village and Khonoma Green Village among others.

Villages in Mon:

Villages in Mon include Shangnyu Village, Chui Village, Longwa Village and Naganimora Village.

Villages in Kiphire:

The villages of Mimi, Salomi, Mimi, Samphure, Phelungre, Yimgphi and Pungro in Kiphire district are abundant in scenic beauty.

The villages of Mimi and Salomi have a number of geysers and stones which are worth watching. The geyser hole, which is oval in shape, produces warm air. The natives call this hole as ‘Lupong Khun’ which means hole of winds. There are many traditional houses with stone slabs in the district.

Siphi or Sangphure is an ancient Sangtam tribal village popular for the old stone monolith named Ningthsalong. The traditional Sangtam stone houses draw lot of attention of the tourists. Yingphi or Yingphire is also one of the oldest Sangtam settlements having historical sites and traditions. The Tizu River has good angling spots and trekking routes to Kingkhu Musig hills located near Yingphire. There are many fauna species on the hill forests.

Villages in Peren:

Benreu Village:

This village is situated in Peren and is perched 1950 meters above sea level. The village is home to a unique community where around 20 % of an animist population dictates the customs and social rules of the majority Christians. There is a tourist village preserved in the ethnic tourism in Benreu.

Mt. Pauna Tourist Village:

This village resort in Peren is an extension of the Benreu village towards the southern side along the Pauna mountain range. The village has eight tourist cottages with modern facilities. These cottages are built to bring visitors close to nature. The village has one Morung for the visitors.

Did You Know?

Nagaland has four Guinness World records.

  • Japfu Peak near Kohima has the world’s tallest rhododendron tree in the world which is 108 feet tall.
  • Nagaland has the tallest paddy plant in the world at a height of eight and a half feet.
  • Nagaland holds the record for the world’s largest guitar ensemble where a total of 368 solid guitarist played in the Agri Expo ground.
  • Nagaland has the tallest chilly (bhoot Jolokia) plant with a height of 14.7 feet.

guitar ensemble

Interesting Facts of Nagaland


naga chilli plant

Caves and Waterfalls in Nagaland

Nagaland is a beautiful state with many numbers of caves, waterfalls and mountain ranges. There are mountains and valleys in Nagaland that facilitate trekking and mountaineering. Mountains, caves and falls are located in Dimapur, Kohima, Wokha, Mon and Phek. Veda peak is situated in Mon district. Japfu peak in Kohima is the second highest peak in Nagaland. Mount Tiyi located in Wokha is an important mountain range in the state. Mentioned below are the waterfalls, caves and mountains in Nagaland.

Caves at Salomi and Mimi

This cave can be reached when one travels towards east from Pungro town. It is located near Salomi village in Kiphire district and provides picturesque scenery. The specialty about the cave is that it has multipoint entry and exits. There is a strange hole in the cave where villagers put in garbage and waste and it comes out after 5 to 6 days at the Likimro River. This proves the interlinking of the river and the cave.

There is another cave located around the Mimi village. These caves measure 300 to 400 feet and wild animals come to take shelter in these caves. There are also a large number of bats who take shelter in the caves.

Tourist Attractions of Nagaland

Caves of Peren

These caves are located in the southernmost end of the Peren district. These caves became famous as the Rani Gaidinliu’s caves as this is where she went into revolt hiding during her revolt against the British. Rani Gaidinliu was a revolutionary freedom fighter.

Wawade Waterfalls

This waterfall is located between the Mimi and Khonga village in Kiphire district. It is around 200 feet in height and is called Wawade in Longpfuru dialect. This waterfall can be clearly viewed from Laluri village of Phek district. There are also other waterfalls measuring about 100 feet in this place. One can reach the Wawade waterfall in one and a half hour journey from Mimi village.


Mihki or the River of Salt flows close to the Siphi village in Kiphire district. It is a popular tourist attraction of the district. The water of the river was used to prepare salt cakes in the earlier years which were then used as a means of exchange or currency during that time. The river water is also believed to posses healing qualities.

Mountains and Peaks in Nagaland

Mount Pauna

Peaks in Nagaland

Mount Pauna is the highest peak in the Peren district and the third highest in Nagaland standing tall at an altitude of 2500 meters high. It stands majestically along the Benreu range. The peak offers view of the beautiful Rhododendrons, orchids and birds. The range is located around 6 kms away from Benreu village and is ideal for trekking. Along the Mt. Pauna and the neighboring villages, there are a number of natural and man made monoliths, curious shaped rocks and stones and water springs.

Sukhayap Rock Cliff

Sukhayap Rock Cliff is situated in Kiphire district. It is also referred to as ‘Lover’s Paradise’. This place derives its name from the legend that a boy and a girl who were in love with each other gave their lives on this cliff after their parents opposed to their marriage.

Glory Peak

The Glory peak gives one a majestic view of the Mount Everest from its top. At an altitude of 2600 meters, the Glory Peak is turning into an attractive tourist spot. For safe lodging of tourists, the government has constructed an eco-lodge. Adventurers can trek from the glory peak to the Kapamadzu peak which is the highest table top mountain in the entire of Nagaland. Further, being a virgin area, they can even discover trekking routes on their own in order to make it more exciting.

Veda Peak

It is the highest peak in Mon. Waterfall can be seen in the area as well. The Veda peak is recorded as the first place where opium was first planted and the British soldiers had set up their camps.

Saramati Peak

Saramati Peak

This is the highest peak in all of Nagaland with a height of 3841 meters. During the winters the peak is a thing of beauty for it stand snow clad and nature lovers would hate to look away from the beauty of the peak. The two towns, Pungro and Salumi lay close to the peak and hence a three day trek is the best activity in this part of the Nagaland. On the way to the peak, one would witness beautiful birds and flowers.

Twin Stones

The Twin Stones are also known as competing stones situated in Kiphire district. These stones stand at a height of 100 feet and 84 feet above ground level. These stones are believed to be growing from early centuries and that they are competing against each other. In this process of competing, the taller stone broke down measuring around 10 feet and now lies on the grounds nearby. This place is located around 5 kms from Mimi Village.

The Living Stones of Tuensang

Chungliyimti in Tuensang, is filled with stones representing stories of the past. The legendary six stones also known as Longtrok are also a part of the Tsongliyanti/ Chungliyanti civilizations which still exist here in Tuensang.

Long Akang Threla

Located in Tsadang, Long Akang Threla are two stones that tells the story of two friends who used to visit Longterok. These stones are considered as personification of the ancient holy Gods who used to move from one place to another.

Rivers in Nagaland

Nagaland, the state of natural resources and is filled with rivers which are divides and branches into many other tributaries and rivulets. Wildlife and forests are found in myriads in the state and rivers and lakes add to the natural resources of the state. The major rivers of Nagaland are Doyang, Tsumok, Menung, Dzu, Langlong, Tsurang or Disai, Zunki, Likimro, Dikhu, Dhansiri, Tizu, Tsurong, Nanung, Lanye, Dzuza and Manglu. All of the rivers flow in different directions and its paces are different as well. Dhansiri, Dikhu and Doyang flow towards the west direction and into the Brahmaputra. The Tizu river again move towards the east and then fall into the Chindwin River which belongs to Burma.

Tourism in Nagaland

Dikhu River

Originating in the Zunheboto district from Nuroto hill, the Dikhu river measures around 160 kms. It flows along the border of Mokokchung and Tuensang district. The Dikhu river is one of the most prominent rivers of Nagaland. Its tributaries are Yangyu and Nanung of Tuensang and Mokochung districts respectively. Dikhu after passing further northward finally then merges with the river Brahmaputra.

The Dikhu river is an ideal picnic spot during the winter days for it has a picturesque location with serene atmosphere. During the winter season, when the level of the water comes down, the sandy river beaches are xposed making it a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. The river is not only a tourist destination but also means of livelihood for the locals for the water makes the land around it fertile hence making it an ideal agricultural land.

Dhansiri River

The Dhansiri River flows through the southwestern part of the state and then passes through the Rangapahar-Dimapur plains of the Dimapur district. The main tributaries of the Dhansiri river are Dzuzu and Diphu and it receives a huge part of the western and southern drainages of Nagaland. The Dhansiri river also finally flows into the river Brahmaputra forming a natural boundary around the North cachar Hills.

Zungki River

It is the biggest tributary of Tizu and starts at the north-eastern part of Changdong forest located in the southern part of Teku. Soon after it flows towards Noklak, Shamator, Kiphire and then finally it joins Tizu just below Kiphire.

Milak River

The tributary Tsurong branches out from river Milak and it is also one of the important rivers of Nagaland located in the district of Mokukchung.

Tizu River

Forming a very important drainage system in the eastern parts of Nagaland, the Tizu river runs throughout the Phek district via Zunheboto in the northern direction and then into the Chindwin river of Myanmar. The primary tributaries that arise out of the Tizu river are Zunki, Lanye and Likimro.

Doyang River

A very important river of the Wokha district, the Doyang is the longest river of the state that runs along the state’s southern boundary. It flows towards the northern direction and then enters the Zunheboto district. There are many small hill streams which fall into the Doyang river. The area around the river grows a lot of fruits and vegetable such as banana, papaya, pineapple, etc.

Wildlife in Nagaland

Situated in the north eastern part of India, Nagaland is famous as a place that is filled with flora and fauna. The wonderful location along with its favourable climatic condition and geographical state, birds and animals love to make the place their home. There are a lot of wildlife sanctuaries and parks in Nagaland which are briefly discussed here.

Wildlife in Nagaland

Ghosu Bird Sanctuary

Located at the Zunheboto district, the Ghosu bird sanctuary is a sanctuary which is wonderfully maintained by the village community itself. The sanctuary is filled with wonderful migratory birds during the migratory season which are from June to September. The community here has prohibited hunting and poaching in the area in order to conserve the animals and the forest area.

Satoi Range

Located in the Zinheboto distric itself, the Satoi range is a natural district of the place. The Satoi range looks amazing due to the unlimited rhododendrons growing the area.

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife in Nagaland

Located near about the Myanmar border, the Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1983 that covered an area of around 642 hectares. In the month of June and July, the forest receives heavy rainfall. There are varied flora and fauna found in the sanctuary making it a place of tourist attraction n Nagaland. The sanctuary is near about the Fakim village.

Intangki National Park:

Located in the Peren District of Nagaland, the Intangki national park is a park in Nagaland which is inhabited by man animals which are also some endangered species. White-breasted kingfisher, monitor lizard, hornbill, palm civets, black stork, tiger, python and sloth bear are some of the animals and birds found in the sanctuary. It is at a distance of 37 kms from Dimapur and 11 kms from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. The park is an attraction primarily for the collection of rae species of birds which are migratory as well as local. It was in the year 1993 that Intangki Wildlife sanctuary became a national park.

Pulie Badze Sanctuary:

Spreading over an area of 9.23 s kms, the Pulie Badze Sanctuary is a place of thrill for those looking for an adventurous wildlife journey. Surrounded by beautiful hills and streams the sanctuary is an ideal destination for those looking for real wildlife experience.

The accessibility to the sanctuary is also very easy since itlies close to the capital town Kohima. Some of the rare bird species found in the sanctuary are Tragopan Blythii and White-naped Yuhina. Bird lover would find the sanctuary to be a paradise.

Nagaland Tourism
Directorate of Tourism,
Opp: Indoor Stadium,
Raj Bhawan Road,
Kohima -797001, Nagaland
Phone: +91 - 9774495582
Telefax: 91 370 2243124

Hotels in Nagaland:

Aradura Inn
Fax: +91 3702243203
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Regular Rooms Range From INR 1320 To INR 1520
Cottages For INR 1520
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Hotels in Nagaland

Razhu Pru
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Standard For INR1800
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Imchen Guest House
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Deluxe for INR 1300
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Holiday Inn
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Single and double rooms for INR 450 and INR 600 respectively

Hotel View Point
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Hotel Fira
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Dormitory for INR 200

Hotel Pine
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Deluxe Double for INR 900

ViewPoint Lodging
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P.R. Hill,
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Hotel Grandeur
Mohonkhola Kohima
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Tuophema Tourist Vilage
Phone No: 0091-9436005002.

Hotel Cimorb
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Razhu Pr
Mission Compound
Phone No: 0091-0370-2290291(L), 0091-9863153403

The Orchid
Near Mezhur Higher Sec. School
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URA Hotel
Near Red Cross Building,
Raj Bhavan Road,
Phone No: 0091-0370-2243222
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Legacy Hotel
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The Heritage
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Dimori Cove
Kigwema, Kohima,
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Hotel Millennium
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Noune Mini-Tourist Resort
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Hotel Acacia
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Hotel Theja Fort
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Hotel Saramati
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Hotel Tragopan
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De Oriental Dream
Super Market,
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Hotel Lake Shilloi
Address: Above Vishal Mega Mart, Circular Road
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Mero’s Cottage
Contact Mr. L. Mero on +913702245088/+919436062745

West View
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Sun View
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Greenwood Villa Homestay
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email :www. explorenagaland.com/ nino@explorenagaland.com

Greenwood Villa Homestay

The Morung Lodge,
Opp. A.P.O Office,
contact:Ms.Nino Zhasa
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e-mail: nino@explorenagaland.com

The Classic Aradura Inn
New Ministers Hill
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Kigwema Village,
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Weavers’ Place
Exotic Echo Society,
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Orchid Resort
Below Oriental college
Kohima Nagaland
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Tour Operators in Nagaland

The India Trail NE
Second Floor,
3A Apartments,
Opp. SBI Lerie Branch,
AG Road,
David Angami
Phone No: +91-9774 039490
Rohan K. Abraham
Phone No: +91-8119 851 777

Explore Nagaland
Email : explorenagaland@gmail.com
land line: +913702292280
Phone No: +91 9089801821,+91 9856343037

Peak Travels
Mr. Neisatuo Keditsu
P.R Hill Kohima
Phone No: +91-370-2244233/22216333

Alder Tours & Travels
Mr. Kevichulie Meyase
AG Colony Kohima
Phone No: +91-9436011266

Village Travellers
Thetsumi Resort
Tourist Village, Phek
Phone No: +91 9436000495

Naga Travels
Mr.S. Meren
C/o Jack Point

Tribal Discovery Tours & Travels
David Sangtam
H.No. 410
Opp. Pentecostal Church
Purana Bazaar,
Phone No: +91-9436045075/9436413614
Email id:tribaldiscovery@yahoo.co.in/davidsangtam@yahoo.com

Neo tours & Travels
Mr. Kevi Rio
Old NSt Complex
Phone No: 91-370-2271046, +91-9436005667

M/s Super Travels
Miss. Viloli Achumi
Hotel Japfu Complex,Kohima
Phone No: +91-370-2244781

Langphong Konyak Travel Agency
Mr. Langphong Konyak
NST Colony
Mon Town,
Phone No: +91-9436604525

Kohima Tours & Treks
Mr.Kevisezo Chasie
Science College Road
Phone No: +91-9402747977/9402864901

M/s Alaphra Group,Dimapur
Teisovi Thorie & Olemer Ricky Oz?kum
Phone No: +91-940269734/9612418395

M/s Lenyelo Khing
Kenyelo Khing
Phone No: +91-9856206299

M/s Citizen Tours & Travels
Mr. E.Lichumthung Kikon
Oriental Colony,
Phone No: +91-8974509594

Ara Travels
Peteneituo Angami
Phone No: +91-9436000759/94360010

Central Café
V.Jean Metha Viliethie Complex
Phone No: +91-943600526

Travel Zone
T. Mhachamo Kithan
Near S.P. Office Opp.DDC
Officer’s Hill Kohima
Phone No: +91-9612714131

Nagaland Hornbill Tours & Travels
Tongpangkokba & Lanumeri
Lerie Kohima Nagaland
Phone No: +91-9862627493

No Hassle Deal
Tovi Jakhalu
Near Lions Club,
Nepali Bosti Junction, Dimapur
Phone No: +91-9862252240

Galaxy Travels
Mr. Mezhuzholie Yiese
C.K. Arcade Building, Kohima
Phone No: +91-8974906631

Ecotones Tours & Travels
Mr. Kevisilie Khate,
Miss Vingusono and Mr.Vimeto Vakha
Khonoma Village
Phone No: +91-8974906631

Vivoto Tour Operator
Nino Kintso & Ketsodi
Kohima Lower Midland
Phone No: +91-9402607197

Mystique Nagaland
Contact: Vincent Belho
Mobile: +91 9862109684
Phone No: +919436001368

P. K Travels
H/ No. GBC/MP/ 62-B
Jain temple Road
Email: pktravelss@hotmail.com
Fax 03862 225532
Phone No: 094026 99999

Nagaland Tourism Office
Contact Address:
Directorate of Tourism,
Opp: Indoor Stadium,
Raj Bhawan Road,
Kohima -797001,
Phone No: +91 - 9774495582
Telefax: 91 370 2243124
e-mail id: nagalandt@gmail.com

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